Thursday, May 5, 2011

International Skateboard Film Festival

It’s time for another round of movies to enter the world’s only International Skateboard Film Festival (ISFF) sanctioned by the Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, Arts & Science.
Check out submission guidelines and film categories here.
Members of the Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, Arts and Science (composed of Craig R. Stecyk III, Stacy Peralta, Grant Brittain, Ty Evans, Geoff Rowley, Jamie Thomas, Ed Templeton, Ricki Bedenbaugh, Mike Manzoori, Greg Hunt, Bryce Kanights and French Fred Mortagne) have decided to initiate a broader vision of the previous festival. The International Skateboard Film Festival will open all the independent movies, brand movies, commercials, short films, web short films and other filmed creations from everywhere in the world the echoing forum they need and deserve.
Held in two different locations in both Los Angeles and Long Beach, the screenings will reach a bigger audience September 13–15, 2011. On the other hand, the VIP award ceremony night will take place in the Music Box on September 16.


  1. Sounds like a damn good time. Too bad I'm so far from LA.

  2. I hope there are some honest skating documentaries and not just collections of people getting hurt

  3. That's so cool! A friend of a friend was part of the team that filmed Osiris' latest skateboarding film.